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Featherbed Lane Banding Station - Publications

Included here are papers based on work done at the station;
other papers by these workers are not listed.
Some papers are not readily available on the web,
please use the link to request more information.

Suthers, H.B. and S.P. Graesser, 2013. Inception and decline of an allopatric Blue-winged Warbler population in central New Jersey. North American Bird Bander 38 (4):137-149.

Greg, T.H. and H.B. Suthers, 2011. Hermit Thrush (Catharus guttatus) wing formula in Eastern North America differs from Pyle's Identification Guide. North American Bird Bander 36 (2):49-52.

Suthers, H. B., and S. P. Graesser. 2009. The Blue-winged Warbler Complex of Central New Jersey. Poster presentation, Eastern Bird Banding Association Annual Meeting, Chincoteague, VA, 27-29 March.

Vuong, H.B., H.B. Suthers, and J. L. Huie. 2009. Do natural history patterns of birds affect the probability of increasing tick infestation? 94th Annual Ecological Society of America Conference, Albuquerque, NM, Aug 2-7 (Poster presentation).

Fritze, M.C. and H.B. Suthers, 2005. Ecological Indicators in a Gray Catbird Population: Survival Rates, Population Density, and Site Fidelity. N.A. Bird Bander 30:157-163.

Suthers, H.B. and M.C. Fritze, 2004. Sexing Known-age Gray Catbirds by Discriminant Function Analysis. N.A.Bird Bander 29:157-163.

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Suthers, H.B., J. Bickal and P. Rodewald, 2000. Use of sucessional habitat and fruit resources by songbirds during autumn migration in central New Jersey. Wilson Bull. 112:249-260.

Bickal, J. and Suthers H.B., 1995. Magnolia Warbler caught twice during migration through New Jersey. Records of N.J. Birds 21:46.

Wedeking, P., Suthers H.B. and J. Bickal, 1995. A Simple Method for Removing Leg Bands. N.A. Bird Bander 20:59.

Suthers, H.B., 1994. Sex determination by wing and tail measurements in the Song Sparrow and Field Sparrow. N.A. Bird Bander 19:77-83.

Suthers, H.B., 1993. Effect of age class separation on sex determination by wing and tail in Veery and Wood Thrush. N.A. Bird Bander 18:142-147.

Suthers, H.B. and D.D. Suthers, 1990. Aging and sexing Gray Catbirds by external characteristics. N.A. Bird Bander 15:45-52.

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Suthers, H.B., 1984. Basic statistical summaries and why they are important, Chapter 1 in J.K. Schneider, ed. An introduction to statistics for bird banders. Eastern Bird Banding Assoc., Education Comm.

Suthers, H.B., 1978. Analysis of a resident flock of Starlings. Bird-Banding 49:35-46.

Suthers, D.A. Mrs. (Suthers, H.B.), 1965. Some 9-year observations on Tree Sparrows. Inland Bird Banding Association News 37:45-9.

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