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New Jersey Catbird
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Sommer Park Preserve, Hopewell, New Jersey


Fall Season 2008
Hannah Suthers

Dry periods in July and the August drought resulted in less than usual wild fruit yields.

Hurricane Hanna came through on 6 September. Tropical Storm Ike followed on 13 September and blew some migrants to western England and Ireland. Migrants poured through between 16-18 September. Tropical Storm Kyle came through on 25-27 September. Migration peaks were reflected in the mist nets four out of 11 weekends of banding from 31 Aug-16 Nov. The fall being unusually warm, low temperatures did not reach freezing until the third week in November and we cancelled banding on 23 Nov.

Of 518 encounters there were 443 newly banded, 59 recaptured from previous banding, and 16 unbanded escapees. Forty five species were banded, two more species not banded, 34 more seen, totaling 81 species, of which 31 species were Neotropical migrants, 26 species temperate migrants and 24 species residents. Four flycatcher species, 4 thrush, 13 warbler, 2 finch and 6 sparrow species were banded. White-throated Sparrows age 4 and 5 years returned. Most Chickadees were Carolina x Black-capped hybrids. A 4-year-old apparent Black-capped Chickadee banded in 2005 returned for the winter. A 5-year-old apparent Carolina Chickadee banded in 2004 was recaptured. Two 'pure' Black-capped Chickadees come south to overwinter were banded on 16 Nov. Feather samples and cloacal swabs were taken on 100 birds for the UCLA/NIH Avian Flu Project.

Sighting and banding highlights, dates, (number of birds):

Common NameCount & Comments
Great Blue Heronin residental retention pond, Nov
Black Vulture9 Nov
Turkey Vulturethroughout
Cooper's Hawkescaped net 12 Oct; seen 9, 23 Nov
Red-tailed Hawkthroughout
Wild Turkey(30) taped on surveillance camera 2 Nov
Eastern Screech Owlpair calling throughout
Great Horned Owlcalling 29 Sept; seen end Nov
Ruby-throated Hummingbirdreleased from net 21, 29 Sept
Red-bellied Woodpeckerthroughout
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker26 Oct, 28 Nov
Hairy Woodpecker12 Oct, 28 Nov
Downy Woodpeckerthroughout
Common Flickerbanded 7, 29 Sept (3); 2 Nov
Pileated Woodpeckerthroughout
Eastern Wood Peweebanded 7 Sept
Traill's Flycatcherbanded 7 Sept
Yellow-bellied Flycatcherbanded 14 Sept
Alder Flycatcherbanded 21 Sept
Great-crested Flycatcherlast seen 7 Sept
Common Ravenoverhead 12, 19 Oct
Hybrid Chickadeebanded 12 Oct
Carolina Chickadeebanded 26 Oct
Black-capped Chickadeebanded 16 Nov (2)
Eastern Tufted Titmousebanded 19 Oct (2); 2 Nov (2)
Red-breasted Nuthatch21 Sept; end Nov
Winter Wren26 Oct, 23 Nov
Golden-crowned Kingletbanded 26 Oct; 2, 16 Nov
Ruby-crowned Kingletbanded in Oct (12); Nov (5)
Eastern Bluebirdthroughout
Hermit Thrushbanded 12 Oct (2); 19 Oct (13); 9 Nov (2)
Gray Catbird(72) last banded 29 Sept
Cedar Waxwings7 Sept, 26 Oct, 4 Nov
White-eyed Vireobanded 14 Sept
Philadelphia Vireobanded 29 Sept, 12 Oct
Black-and-white Warblerbanded 14 Sept (3)
Nashville Warbler8 Sept, banded 29 Sept
Northern Parulabanded 14 Sept
Magnolia Warblerbanded 14, 21 Sept (4)
Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle)banded (41) 12 Oct; 2 Nov
Black-throated Green Warbler21 Sept
Black-throated Blue Warblerbanded 29 Sept; 12 Oct; escaped 19 Oct
Yellow Palm Warblerbanded 12 Oct
Ovenbirdlast banded 14 Sept
Northern Waterthrushbanded 29 Sept
Common Yellowthroatlast banded 29 Oct
Connecticut Warblerbanded 14 Sept, 12 Oct
American Redstartlast banded 14 Sept (6)
Scarlet Tanagerbanded 14 Sept; last seen 21 Sept
Purple Finchbanded 2 Nov (5)
House Finchthroughout
Pine Siskins2 Nov
Northern Cardinalthroughout, banded (21)
Rose-breasted Grosbeaklast seen 29 Sept
Eastern Towheelast heard 12 Oct
Dark-eyed Junco (Slate-colored)12 Oct; banded 2 Nov (18)
Chipping Sparrowlast seen 21 Sept
Field Sparrowbanded 9 Nov
American Tree Sparrowfirst seen 29 Nov
White-throated Sparrowbanded (56) Oct 12-16 Nov
Fox Sparrowbanded 2 Nov
Swamp Sparrow(11) banded 12, 26 Oct
Song Sparrowthroughout, banded 19, 26 Oct; 9 Nov
Hannah Suthers and the Featherbed Lane Banding Station Crew


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