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Sommer Park Preserve, Hopewell, New Jersey


Spring 2007
Hannah Suthers

March 15-16 saw an 8" sleet storm that stayed on the ground for over a week, making foraging difficult for ground-feeding birds. No Woodcock were seen afterwards. April rain and snow showers kept the vernal pools well filled. The shallower pools dried out during a May dry spell, stranding thousands of Wood Frog tadpoles and providing a feast for racoons and birds. There are no spring records of the Great-horned Owl. Ninety-five species were seen during spring migration, of which 64 species established breeding territiories. The managed meadow retained the Field Sparrow. The managed shrubland had all of its target birds, the Willow Flycatcher, Brown Thrasher, Yellow-breasted Chat, Indigo Bunting, Field Sparrow, and a hummingbird. Highlights follow.

Red-tailed Hawkpair, routinely mobbed by crows
Sharp-shined Hawk22-Apr
Screech Owlcalling 5 May
Wild Turkeygobbling 21 Apr, dust bathing 22 May
Yellow-billed Cuckooarrived 8 May & throughout
Ruby-throated Hummingbirdon territory 8 May, 3 territories
Red-bellied Woodpeckerthroughout
Hairy Woodpecker2-Apr
Yellow-shafted Flicker18-Apr
Pileated Woodpecker19 April, frequently throughout
Eastern Wood Peweeon territory 2 May
Willow Flycatcheron territory 23 May
Eastern Phoebe14 Apr, nest 9 May
Great-crested Flycatcheron territory 28 Apr
Tree Swallowpair 14 April, nesting 12 May
Barn Swallows4 pairs 21 Apr, nests 12 May
Carolina Chickadeesgathering moss 26 Apr
Black-capped Chickadeessinging 2 May
White-breasted Nuthatchfeeding at nest 23 & 27 May
Ruby-crowned Kingletlast seen 2 May
Golden-crowned Kinglet2 & 12 May
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher17-May
Chipping Sparrowson territory 5 Apr
Field Sparrowon territory 18 Apr
Slate-colored Juncolast seen 21 April
White-throated Sparrowbanded 20 May
Eastern Towheeon territory 21 Apr
Indigo Buntingon territory 7 May (3)
Rose-breasted Grosbeakcopulating 26 April
White-eyed Vireoon territory 3 May
Yellow-throated Vireoon territory 2 May
Warbling Vireo14, 15 May
Blue-headed Vireomigrant 4 May
Philadelphia Vireomigrants 26 Apr,1 & 2 May
Red-eyed Vireoon territory 4 May
Blue-winged Warbleron territory 26 April
Common Yellowthroaton territory 26 April
Ovenbirdon territory 26 April
Yellow Warbleron territory 30 Apr
Pine Warbler3-Apr
Nashville Warbler21-May
American Redstart3-May
Worm-eating Warbler4-May
Northern Parula3, 4, 12, 27 May
Magnolia Warbler12-May
Black-throated Green Warbler2-May
Black-throated Blue Warbler27-May
Blackburnian Warbler19-May
Blackpoll Warbler12, 27 May
Yellow-rumped Warblerlast seen 2 May
Black-and-White Warbler2-May
Northern Waterthrush12-May
Mourning Warbler17-May
Canada Warbler12 May, banded 27 May
Yellow-breasted Chat23-May
Rusty Blackbird80+, 20 March
Baltimore Orioleon territory 30 April
Orchard Oriole14-May
Scarlet Tanageron territory 3 May
Gray Catbirdcourtship 9 May
Brown Thrasheron territory 29 Apr
Eastern Bluebirdcopulating 29 Apr, nesting 14 May
Wood Thrushon territory 2 May
Veery on territory2-May
Swainson's Thrush7-May
Hermit Thrushlots 22 Apr, last seen 12 May
Gray-cheeked Thrushbanded 12 May

Hannah Suthers and the Featherbed Lane Bird Banding Crew  

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