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Sommer Park Preserve, Hopewell, New Jersey


Spring 2006
Hannah Suthers

March was the driest on record. The puddles and vernal pool filled during April showers, but three puddles were dried out on May 11, stranding thousands of Wood Frog tadpoles. Mid April, ATVs destroyed 3 vernal pools in the wet woods. During this period 90 species of resident, transient and breeding migratory birds were seen at the Featherbed Lane Bird Banding Station. Two Goldfinch males chased a female Cowbird on 25 April. An unusual sighting was a Merlin perched on a snag, being harassed by two male Baltimore Orioles on May 13. Several species of migratory birds were proven breeders in May. Some of the action follows:

Great-horned Owlregular, mobbed by crows 20 March
Red-tailed Hawkpair throughout
Hybrid Chickadeeson territory 16 March, banded with brood patch 21 May
American Robin100+ on pasture 19 March (overwintering Robins already gone)
Eastern Phoebepair 20 March, nest 29 April
Carolina Chickadeeson territory 20 March
American Woodcock8 displaying 23 March
Black-capped Chickadeeson territory 31 March, banded with brood patch 28 May
Eastern Bluebird31 March & nesting May
Chipping Sparrowon territory 31 March
Field Sparrowon territory 31 March
Eastern Towheeon territory 17 April, banded with brood patch 21 May
Winter Wrenssinging 18, 21 April
Yellow Palm Warbler19-Apr
Red-eyed Vireoon territory April 20
Slate-colored Juncolast seen 21 April
Blue-winged Warbleron territory 25 April, 5 May, banded 21 May
Common Yellowthroaton territory 25 April, banded with brood patch 28 May
Rose-breasted Grosbeakon territory 26 April, banded with brood patch 21 May
Ruby-crowned Kingletlast seen 26 April
Black Vulturepair 27 April
Ovenbirdon territory 27 April, banded with brood patch 21 May
Yellow Warbleron territory 28 April
Pileated Woodpeckerend April, early & 28 May
Tree Swallowpair 29 April, nesting 2 May
Yellow-throated VireoApril 29, with nest material 21 May
Baltimore Orioleon territory 30 April
Barn Swallows4 pairs nesting 1 May
Gray Catbirdon territory 2 May, banded with brood patch 21 May
Great-crested Flycatcheron territory 3 May
Scarlet Tanageron territory 3 May
Hairy Woodpeckeron territory 6, 13, 21 May
Black-billed Cuckooarrived 6 May, heard 7, 13 May
White-eyed Vireo6 May, banded with brood patch 28 May
Yellow-billed Cuckooarrived 7 May, heard 13 May
Sharp-shined Hawk7-May
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher7, 13 May
Nashville Warbler7, 11 May
Eastern Meadowlarkadjacent hayfields territory 7 May
Wild Turkeywith poults 8 May, 2 Fox-mutilated hen carcasses 13 May
Ruby-throated Hummingbirdon territory 8 May, 3 territories, male mist-netted 21 May
Eastern Wood Peweeon territory 9 May
Red-shouldered Hawk10, 13 May
American Redstart11, 12 May, banded with brood patch 21 May
Magnolia Warbler12, 21 May
Black-throated Green Warbler12, 21 May
Black-throated Blue Warbler12-May
Blackburnian Warbler13, 21 May
Blackpoll Warbler13, 21 May
Bobolinkadjacent hayfields territory 13 May
Indigo Buntingon territory 13 May
Swainson's Thrush13-May
Hermit Thrushlast seen 13 May
Yellow-rumped Warblerlast seen 13 May
White-throated Sparrowlast seen 13 May
Screech Owlcalling 21 May
Cedar Waxwing21-May
White-breasted Nuthatchpair in breeding condition banded 21 May
Black-and-White Warbler21-May
Northern Waterthrush21, 28 May (2)
Kentucky Warbler21-May
Canada Warblerbanded 21, 28 May
Yellow-breasted Chatbanded 21 May
Gray-cheeked Thrush3 banded 28 May
Bicknell Thrushbanded 4 June

Hannah Suthers and the Featherbed Lane Bird Banding Crew  

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