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Sommer Park Preserve, Hopewell, New Jersey


Breeding Season 2006
Hannah Bonsey Suthers

The breeding season at Featherbed Lane was good, with drought breaking late May rains and summer rains allowing ground cover to recover. Nearly 100 more birds were banded this season than last year. Active nests, feeding activity, and young were seen in 31 species; 28 more species were present throughout, most banded in the breeding condition; 10 elusive species were seen or heard occasionally, totaling 69 species. Feral cats were not seen, but three different foxes were present throughout, impacting the success of Ovenbird and other ground nesters.

Highlights of singing males and young are
Turkey Vulture2 pairs
Red-tailed Hawk2 pairs
Cooper's Hawkpassover 2 July
Wild Turkeymixed ages flock
Yellow-billed Cuckoo7
Black-billed Cuckoo2
Great-horned Owl2 pairs
Screech Owl2 pairs
Ruby-throated Hummingbird4 territories

Banding Reports
Downy Woodpecker9, young banded 18 June, 2 July
Hairy Woodpecker3, young banded 2 July
Pileated Woodpecker1
Eastern Wood Pewee6, young banded 31 Aug Eastern Phoebe 3 nests, young banded 30 July
Great-crested Flycatcher8
Barn Swallows4 pairs, 20 young (two broods)
Tree Swallowpair, 4 young
Hybrid Chickadeeyoung banded 16 July
Carolina Chickadee10, young banded 2 July, 9 July
Black-capped Chickadee7
Tufted Titmouse29, young banded 29 June - Aug
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher2
American Robin44, (3 broods)
Eastern Bluebird1
Wood Thrush33, young banded 16 July - Aug Bicknell's Thrush banded 4 June (migrant)
Veery15, young banded 16 July
Gray Catbird55, broods 18 June - 31 Aug
Cedar Waxwing2
White-eyed Vireo1
Yellow-throated Vireo5
Red-eyed Vireo11, banded 11 June, 2 July
Black-and-White Warblerbanded 31 Aug
Blue-winged Warbler6, banded 11 June
Yellow Warbler3, young banded 30 July
Ovenbird29, young banded 29 June - Aug
Common Yellowthroat27, young banded 2 July - Aug
American Redstartbanded 31 Aug
Baltimore Oriole13
Scarlet Tanager11, young 13 Aug
Rose-breasted Grosbeak16, young banded 9 July
Indigo Bunting3
Eastern Towhee31
Chipping Sparrow5
Field Sparrow5

Early migrants include
Canada Warblerbanded 13 Aug
Black-throated Green Warblerbanded 13 Aug Chestnut-sided Warbler banded 13 Aug
Black-throated Blue Warblerbanded 31 Aug Magnolia Warbler banded 31 Aug
Northern Parulabanded 31 Aug
Traill's (Alder) Flycatcherbanded 20 Aug
Yellow-bellied flycatcherbanded 13 Aug

Hannah Suthers and the Featherbed Lane Banding Station Crew  

Last revision: Thursday, October 19, 2006