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Sommer Park Preserve, Hopewell, New Jersey


Breeding Season 2002
Hannah Suthers

The 2002 breeding season at Featherbed Lane, Hopewell, started out wet with cold snaps and an unseasonal freeze that apparantly affected early nesting, followed by a July of record drought and record number of consesutive days in the high 90's. Proof of breeding and other sightings are as follows:

Double-crested Cormorantfour birds flew over June 30
Turkey Vulturefledgling on 8 June
Red-tailed HawkJuly 5, fledglings July 21, Aug 8
American KestrelJuly 7, Aug 6
Ruffed Grouseflushed July 28, 29, 4 Aug
Wild Turkeywith 5-6 poults June 9, July 21, 27
American Woodcockforaging holes May 26, flushed July 27
Yellow-billed Cuckoo2-Jun
Eastern Screech OwlJune 16, July 21 (two), July 28 (three), Aug 4 (two), Aug 11, Aug 25 (two)
Great Horned OwlJune 16, 23,30 (two terr), July 6, 18, 28, Aug 4, 11, 18 (two terr), 25
Chimney Swiftsobserved throughout in Hopewell Borough, flyover Featherbed Lane July 21
Red-bellied Woodpeckerfledgling banded Aug 18
Hairy Woodpeckerobserved June, July 18, 28,
Downy Woodpeckerfledgling banded June 30, July 28
Yellow-shafted Flickerbanded June 16, fledgling banded Aug 4, & two observed Aug 18
Pileated Woodpeckerobserved weekly through July 9
Ruby-throated Hummingbirdfledgling June, July; chasing a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher Aug 18
Easterm Wood Peweeobserved throughout
Eastern Phoebenesting in May and June, young banded Aug 11
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher2 migrants banded Aug 25
Great-crested Flycatcherobserved throughout
White-eyed Vireoobserved June 30
Yellow-throated Vireoobserved June 2, 30 (two terr), July 18, August 4
Red-eyed Vireoobserved throughout, banded June 2, July 28
Barn Swallow4 pairs, 14 fledglings
Hybrid Chickadeebanded on June 2, Aug 11
Carolina Chickadeeadults banded, family observed June 2, fledglings banded June 23, July 6, Aug 11, 25
Black-capped Chickadeeadults banded, fledglings banded June 30
Eastern Tufted Titmouseadults banded, fledglings banded June 23
White-breasted Nuthatchesobserved throughout
House Wrensobserved throughout, fledglings banded
Carolina Wrensadults banded, fledglings banded June 30, Aug 18
Blue-gray Gnatcatcherfledglings June 23, 30
Eastern Bluebirdusing nest box
Veeryseveral adults banded, fledgling banded July 23
Woodthrushmany adults banded, fledglings banded July 7, Aug 18
American Robinnest raided by a Crow, June 9, Robins, Gray Catbirds, Tufted Titmice, Northern Cardinal mobbing the Crow
Brown Thrasherobserved June 16, 18
Gray Catbirdour most abundant bird, many banded, fledglings banded 18 July and thereafter
Cedar Waxwingsobserved June 9, 30, July 27, 28
Blue-winged Warblerfledglings banded June 30, Aug 11, male with fledgling 21 July
Yellow Warblersobserved throughout, fledglings June 23, 30
American Redstartobserved June 16, young banded Aug 4, 11, 18, 25
Ovenbirdadults banded, fledglings banded July 18, 21, 28
Northen Waterthrushobserved August 4
Louisiana Waterthrushobserved August 3
Common Yellowthroatmany banded, fledglings banded on July 21 and thereafter
Hooded Warblerfemale banded Aug 25
Scarlet Tanagersobserved throughout
Eastern Towheeobserved throughout, fledglings banded Aug 11, 25
Chipping Sparrowsobserved throughout, feeding nestlings June 30
Field Sparrowsthree pairs, observed throughout
Song Sparrowsobserved throughout
Rose-breasted Grosbeakobserved throughout, with fledgling
Indigo Buntingfemales banded June 9, 16
House Finchobserved throughout
American Goldfinchobserved throughout
Northern Oriolemale and fledgling observed June 23

Hannah Suthers and the Featherbed Lane Banding Station Crew  

Last revision: Friday, April 25, 2008