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Sommer Park Preserve, Hopewell, New Jersey


Fall 2001
Hannah Suthers

Ninety three species of birds were encountered this fall, of which 635 new birds of 56 species were banded in weekly sessions, 78 repeating same season, and 15 birds recaptured from previous seasons. (Last fall's figures were 408 new birds of 51 species, 21 recaptured from previous seasons.) Fruit resources were plentiful even in the drought, though the wildflower and grass seed-heads seemed to have suffered. Again, migratory bird captures were higher in the panicled dogwood-Elaeagnus shrublands in September, and higher in the shrubland with fruiting vines in October when the panicled dogwood fruits were mostly gone but the Elaeagnus persisted.

Highlights of the season were:

Black Vulturefly-over Sep 16, Oct 7
Sharp-shinned Hawkbanded Sep 16, present Oct 21, Nov 11
Cooper's Hawkmale mist-netted and released unbanded Nov 4
Ruffed Grouseflushed Sep 16, 30, Nov 4, 11
Common Snipeflushed Oct 21
American Woodcockflushed Nov 4
Yellow-billed Cuckoocalling Sep 9
Eastern Screech Owlcalling Sep 21, Nov 25
Great Horned Owlcalling Sep 2,9,16,23, Oct 7,21. A pair calling Oct 28, Nov 4; 2 pairs calling Nov 11, 18
Ruby-throated Hummingbirdlast seen Sep 2
Yellow-bellied Sapsuckerpair seen Nov 4, female seen Nov 18, female seen Dec 11, male seen Dec 13
Hairy Woodpeckertwo seen Nov 11
Pileated Woodpeckerpair continually seen, female photographed looking out of tree hole in Oct (JS)
Yellow-bellied Flycatcherbanded on Sep 9, 16
Acadian Flycatcherbanded on Sept 9
Alder Flycatcherbanded on Sep 2, 9
Willow Flycatcherbanded on Sept 2, 9
Fish Crowflyover Nov 18, 25
Red-breasted Nuthatchheard Sep 2, Oct 21, Nov 4, 11, and pair seen daily at home feeder since Oct 8
Winter Wrentwo banded Oct 21
Eastern Bluebirdflocks in frost grapes Sep-Nov
Gray-cheeked Thrushbanded Oct 7
Swainson's Thrushbanded Sep 23, 30
Hermit Thrushbanded Oct 7 thru Nov 25 total of 31
Gray Catbirdwith crossed mandibles banded Nov 25
Cedar Waxwingflocks in Frost Grapes Sep-Nov
Blue-headed Vireobanded Sep 23
Hybrid Chickadeebanded Sep 2, repeated Nov 4
Ovenbirdlast banded Oct 7
Yellow-breastedChat banded Sep 2
Warblers15 species banded
Golden-winged Warblerbanded Sep 2, FIRST FOR THE STATION, though Blue-winged Warblers breed here, and both hybrids, Lawrence's and Brewster's have been banded
Connecticut Warblerbanded Sep 16, 23, 30, Oct 15
Fox Sparrow bandedNov 4, 11, 18
Lincoln's Sparrowbanded Sep 23
Swamp Sparrows17 banded on Oct 15, 21, Nov 4
Purple Finchbanded Oct 21, small flock seen Nov 4, 11, 18
Pine Siskinsmall flock Nov 4
American Tree Sparrow5 Nov 25, the last species arriving to winter-over, thus ending our banding season.

Sightings are by Hannah Suthers (HS) and the Feather- bed Lane Bird Banding Group. JS is Janet Speck



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