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Sommer Park Preserve, Hopewell, New Jersey


Fall 2000
Hannah Suthers

Weekly banding and daily Control censusing for the NEXRAD Weather Radar Migration Studies indicated flights on September 15, October 15, 22nd, and November 5 through the Featherbed Lane Bird Banding Station in the Hopewell Sourlands and trickle-through migration inbetween. Highlights of 51 species of birds banded, including 19 species of warblers and 11 species of sparrows were:

Hybrid Chickadee22-Oct
Brown Creeper and Winter Wren5-Nov
Gray-cheeked Thrush17-Sep
Worm-eating Warbler24-Sep
Nashville Warbler17 Sep, 8 Oct
Bay-breasted Warbler10-Sep
Mourning Warbler8-Oct
American Tree Sparrows2 on 12 Nov
Linconís Sparrow1 Oct, 3 on 15 Oct
Sightings included:
Black Vulture19-Nov
Red-shouldered Hawk13-Nov
pair American Kestrels29-Sep
Ruffed Grouse6 & 14 Oct
Wild Turkey5 on 11 Nov
American Woodcock29-Sep
Great-horned Owl2 on 21 & 22 Sep, 1 & 15 Oct, 12 Nov
Pileated Woodpecker20-Sep
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker7-Nov
Winter Wren26 Oct, 1 Nov
Northern Parula25-Sep
Myrtle Warbler (Yellow-rumped)first 25 Sep
Blackburnian Warbler22-Sep
Yellow Palm Warbler10 Oct, 31 Oct
Rusty Blackbird500 on 7 Oct
Purple Finch2 Nov, 6 on 6 Nov
White-crowned Sparrowadult 9 Oct, juvenile, 19 Oct
Lincolnís Sparrow3 Oct, 10 Oct, 14 Oct, 17 Oct

Hannah Suthers and the Featherbed Lane Banding Station Crew  


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